Body shamming the most ugliest thing in this human world . Many of you heard some lines like omg you become so fat why don’t you control your diet or join some training center or oh God you look so thin why don’t you have something like food, as they are discovering food for us😂😂 .

Girls as well has boys become the victim of this shameful task . Due to these things people not only physically but mentally also lose their self confidence and unable to present infront of anyone. There are so many bullies who provoke these innocent people to commit suicides as our survey says. This is a huge Crime in todays world . But after this also there are some people who love to tease others , as it has become their hobby to tease people.

But I would like to ask everyone that the definition of a nice and a good personality is all about shape of the body? Or it’s all about you?

I will advise each and everyone that go and enjoy your life by yourself as per your rule . Go and eat whatever you want without caring for others . Go and wear whatever you want , this world is so big and you all not here to satisfy each and every person’s demand in this universe. Jut be yourself and live your life confidently . Exercise is good for health but don’t torture your body and mind in the name of exercise. Don’t listen to anyone and live freely.



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