I think this is a universal question that , what is more important for us love or money???????

Many of you have heard that love is everything as without that life is meaningless. A pure love can make a bad person or an animal superior in someone’s eyes. Love is not only about having a girlfriend or a boyfriend ,even a child fall in love with her mother from the very first in his or her mother’s womb. But here the question arises what money is?? What is the role of money in someone’s life?????

It plays a very crucial role in everybodys life as it is a source of living not only as a need but also as a want. Without money life is like a broken glass which cannot be fixed easily. Many people says that education is not about being educated but also about earning name , fame and most importantly money.

But according to me life is not about choosing one thing wheather money or love , it’s about balancing between these two..

” If love is life , money is a source of living” “if love is security , money is LIC” “if love is fortune , money is freedom”. “If love is oil , money is water ….we can’t mix each other ….!!!!!

Simply very person in this world wants more money without loosing their love but in reality it is very difficult, as the survey clarifies that there are so many unhappy people who have money but not a true love and it’s vice-versa . This is because today most of the population in this world has become practical and believes that money can solve each & every problem which is most probably a truth of this universe but we can’t deny the fact that love is the part of living a balanced life ………!!!!

So love your loved ones and make them happy by fulfilling their wishes💓💓


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