Today I walked through the memory lane of my regrets and I decided to write this as a lesson that I will never take my self for granted.Regret,as the word describe that something we cry about or feel sad for it. We all have some regrets in our life but the question arises is it ok to feel sad or there is some way to feel okay about it???????Sometimes it can be late to understand that we really have a problem and this same happened with me today. I got a reality check from myself only. The realization of that we are taking ourselves very casually can shake our life and fill it with unseen water, that only can come from our eyes.In past I have started so many things but today they are just my unfinished business, which I really want to continue before going to the bed of dark from where I will never return. We always run and try to win the heart of every person but it can’t happen. As there is a saying ‘we can’t be good in each and everyone’s book’ means we will be described as a bad person in someone’s book out there. So it’s okay don’t try to please everyone. We have to change something, by thinking about ourselves only without negativity affecting others.Regrets are part of human’s life, so we can’t separate it from ourselves but one thing we can do, feel sad about it or accepting it by trying to change that regret into a great lesson and stop taking ourselves for granted.Live is too short to waste it by regretting . Just wake up yourself, think clearly, collect some strength, choose a path and start walking on it. That road can take you all to the destination you have imagined but with lots of new experiences.


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