“Pizza = Happiness”

“It’s not a word,it’s an emotion”

As being a foodie,”food” is not just important for survival but it is important for maintaining good mood. It helps me to balance my mood and emotions together. For so many people this must be any other blog on “food”, but for those who can really relate to this will only understand my feelings while I was writing this.

I can’t describe my first meeting with *pizza* (one of my favourite of all).It was all started when I was around 14 years old and meet my love ,hot and soft flat bread covered with red sauce and cheese, topped with paneer, capsicum, onions, bell pepper. When I picked it up I got a feeling of that ‘love at first sight’ it’s first bite was felt like a blast of cheese and the soft base was like a vehicle that supply that piece of love. It was an amazing experience that is added to my memory.

The history of pizza is quite interesting. It was all started from Italy in 18th or early 19th century. Firstly it was served as a flat bread with cheese and dates on top. But as like us human kind, it also got evolved with time. Different toppings and seasoning gave it a new version of heaven blasting in the mouth. Food helps me to deal with mostly every situation whether am I sad, happy, irritated, angry and excited. All my mood and feelings can be managed by that. Even some of my friends use food to calm me down, resolve any fight, and show that they care about me.

I really miss pizza from last 5 months due to this pandemic crisis I haven’t had any of it. Once again I want to sit with my loved ones to discuss what pizza to order, fighting over what topping is better, and finally ordering the delicious treat for myself. Hope the good days will come soon .


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