A Never Ending Cycle Of Twilight And Dawn


A small girl sitting on a tree raising questions about a constant loop of day and night. Remembering a story told by her grandmother about a ray of hope that always occur after darkness and bring positivity. But,what if this cycle is not always about Positivity? What if the question is not about the same beginning people use to tell us? What if a cycle runs inversely?

I truly believe everything is linked in this chaotic world . Nobody comes in our life without any reason just like this cycle. It exist to teach us all kind of perspective whether it’s positive or negative,just like two sides of coin. I can’t accept the one side,where as I would always prefer to examine all the sides. May be the new insight can create a new world for us. We have always taught that a ray of hope always comes after the dawn. But is it really true because just imagine a darkness always occur after a light just like the night. A positive thought is good but we can’t ignore a darkness which also lies inside us.

Why people tell us that darkness is bad, because the way I see darkness is one of the purest form of feelings and thoughts that inclined into our heart. Just like. It’s all about the view point to find happiness and hope in everything that seems bad or dark. Beginning sometimes doesn’t exist, who can tell what came first a hen or an egg? It’s all about our belief what we think is first or second.


No matter a ray of light gives us happiness, even after a heavy rainfall the sunlight gives us the feeling of rise of new day. But both the keys are connected to open a path of imagination, with only one key the journey will be incomplete. A day is important but the darkness helps us to tackle our thoughts that consume ourselves. See the cycle through two different perspective – first) A day after night, second) A night after light.

The cycle goes on an on until we complete our life span and again live the same cycle but in a different world. As I believe nothing actually dies it just not here anymore in our world.

Inspired by netflix series- DARK


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