“Believe Me Overthinking Is Not A Joke”

A slight difference between thinking and Overthinking can change the way you think.

An urge to control your thoughts is quite a drag because as we grow we learn it’s not easy to do so.For some people like me “overthinking” is a way of growing and believe me it’s not a joke. When your mind sticks to that one particular thing can even make you go crazy. And no amount of self-control can help to change it. One fake smile and lots of pain are mixed together to create an overthinker. Some people say ‘hey you stop overthinking- you are creating a problem by yourself’ but hope I could say ‘yeah I will’ but no in reality it’s hard for some people. And you need to understand this.

So how to deal with this situation??? One easy step just listen to the person and stop giving advice. He/she knows what is right or wrong but inspite of that they overthink. They don’t need your opinion they just need to be heard. But few of them can’t even express to anyone and get trapped in their thoughts.

How I deal with my overthinking???Simple I try to engage myself in different activities like painting, writing, dance and music. These things are very helpful for those who can’t express to anyone about their true feelings. Art is a good way to express.Trust me specially writing helps a lot no matter what other says just take a diary and pen and start giving words to your thoughts. This will make your life much easier. As overthinking eats people from inside out and we need to find a way to deal with it as it can’t be vanished like a magic but a little step can help us to live with it.

But remember feeling too much, caring too much, Valuing things emotions or persons is not at all bad. So what sometimes it hurts it’s okay isn’t this how a human grow. But before investing soo much time on one thought Or a person just ask yourself Is it worth it????? Because sometimes it doesn’t even deserve our attention at all. For a Overthinker Simple things become complicated and easy decisions become complex. It can convert into anxiety and than led to depression which ultimately affects our mental health.

So, identify your fear, write down your thoughts, walk in nature, try to enjoy what you have rather than what doesn’t belong to you, letting go of the past is difficult but try, can open up to someone trust worthy and lastly take control of your emotions. I know all this is not easy but trying will not harm you.

As Robert Eliot once said”Rule number one is, don’t sweat the small stuff. Rule number two is, it’s all small stuff.โ€


In Long Run We Are All Dead

“Thinking about past, worrying about future comes with the anxiety of today’s nature”

We humans are so complicated but one thing is common among us that is not living in the present. We always run after everything whom we think can give us happiness. But are we really happy? Running after materialistic things can give us satisfaction? Regretting about past can change anything? Worrying what will happen in future can change the fact what we are today? In economics there is a saying “In long run we are all dead”- quoted by John Maynard Keynes, one of the famous economists of the World. He said this in the reference to the economy but it also applies in our day to day life.

Thinking about future can’t help us to grow positively but depress us. Planning helps only for next few tasks but we can’t plan our whole upcoming journey because of surprises and uncertainty. Just think for ones if we knew what will happen next, do we really not struggle to change it? That’s the beauty of life just do your work in present, keep a smile on your face and just wait what will happen next can immensely change our life. The bitter truth of the life is no one is immortal, everyone will vanish at some point of their life but because of that we can’t stop enjoying in present. A small gesture of thank you, sorry, love, friendship, can change our life as a whole. People will remember us in their memories so, why not to be the part of their good ones.

Long run or future sometimes helps us to plan our life but it comes with some disadvantages of stress, mental tension, dissatisfaction, fights with inner self and many more. Planning is good but we have to accept that we can’t plan our whole life and be so sure that it will run totally according to us. Just start to believe that life will treat you accordingly, and hope always comes with surprises. Who knows what will happen next instead we can live in the current moment with our loved ones and give them our time. Running after materialistic happiness can’t long last after all they comes with depreciation value and can’t let us to express ourselves.

So, just pause for a second and think, look the faces of your loved ones, set your priorities, don’t be so hard on yourself just smile and be proud of what your are today and work on your upcoming path but don’t take too much pressure, we only got one life to live so live the fullest.

-Love Yourself

A Never Ending Cycle Of Twilight And Dawn


A small girl sitting on a tree raising questions about a constant loop of day and night. Remembering a story told by her grandmother about a ray of hope that always occur after darkness and bring positivity. But,what if this cycle is not always about Positivity? What if the question is not about the same beginning people use to tell us? What if a cycle runs inversely?

I truly believe everything is linked in this chaotic world . Nobody comes in our life without any reason just like this cycle. It exist to teach us all kind of perspective whether it’s positive or negative,just like two sides of coin. I can’t accept the one side,where as I would always prefer to examine all the sides. May be the new insight can create a new world for us. We have always taught that a ray of hope always comes after the dawn. But is it really true because just imagine a darkness always occur after a light just like the night. A positive thought is good but we can’t ignore a darkness which also lies inside us.

Why people tell us that darkness is bad, because the way I see darkness is one of the purest form of feelings and thoughts that inclined into our heart. Just like. It’s all about the view point to find happiness and hope in everything that seems bad or dark. Beginning sometimes doesn’t exist, who can tell what came first a hen or an egg? It’s all about our belief what we think is first or second.


No matter a ray of light gives us happiness, even after a heavy rainfall the sunlight gives us the feeling of rise of new day. But both the keys are connected to open a path of imagination, with only one key the journey will be incomplete. A day is important but the darkness helps us to tackle our thoughts that consume ourselves. See the cycle through two different perspective – first) A day after night, second) A night after light.

The cycle goes on an on until we complete our life span and again live the same cycle but in a different world. As I believe nothing actually dies it just not here anymore in our world.

Inspired by netflix series- DARK


Today I walked through the memory lane of my regrets and I decided to write this as a lesson that I will never take my self for granted.Regret,as the word describe that something we cry about or feel sad for it. We all have some regrets in our life but the question arises is it ok to feel sad or there is some way to feel okay about it???????Sometimes it can be late to understand that we really have a problem and this same happened with me today. I got a reality check from myself only. The realization of that we are taking ourselves very casually can shake our life and fill it with unseen water, that only can come from our eyes.In past I have started so many things but today they are just my unfinished business, which I really want to continue before going to the bed of dark from where I will never return. We always run and try to win the heart of every person but it can’t happen. As there is a saying ‘we can’t be good in each and everyone’s book’ means we will be described as a bad person in someone’s book out there. So it’s okay don’t try to please everyone. We have to change something, by thinking about ourselves only without negativity affecting others.Regrets are part of human’s life, so we can’t separate it from ourselves but one thing we can do, feel sad about it or accepting it by trying to change that regret into a great lesson and stop taking ourselves for granted.Live is too short to waste it by regretting . Just wake up yourself, think clearly, collect some strength, choose a path and start walking on it. That road can take you all to the destination you have imagined but with lots of new experiences.


I think this is a universal question that , what is more important for us love or money???????

Many of you have heard that love is everything as without that life is meaningless. A pure love can make a bad person or an animal superior in someone’s eyes. Love is not only about having a girlfriend or a boyfriend ,even a child fall in love with her mother from the very first in his or her mother’s womb. But here the question arises what money is?? What is the role of money in someone’s life?????

It plays a very crucial role in everybodys life as it is a source of living not only as a need but also as a want. Without money life is like a broken glass which cannot be fixed easily. Many people says that education is not about being educated but also about earning name , fame and most importantly money.

But according to me life is not about choosing one thing wheather money or love , it’s about balancing between these two..

” If love is life , money is a source of living” “if love is security , money is LIC” “if love is fortune , money is freedom”. “If love is oil , money is water ….we can’t mix each other ….!!!!!

Simply very person in this world wants more money without loosing their love but in reality it is very difficult, as the survey clarifies that there are so many unhappy people who have money but not a true love and it’s vice-versa . This is because today most of the population in this world has become practical and believes that money can solve each & every problem which is most probably a truth of this universe but we can’t deny the fact that love is the part of living a balanced life ………!!!!

So love your loved ones and make them happy by fulfilling their wishes๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“