Love Is Beautiful…!!

The long sleepless nights, starring at the wall, sorting the idea of love and trying to escape from the feelings. “Love” I guess you all have heard about this one complicated term which has the power to rebuild a person or can destroy at once. From last few days I have ghosted myself from everyone as for “love”, but is it really love which pushes a person to be sad Or cutting herself/ himself from the world?

Everyone has their own definition of love but mine is every simple “you made me feel something after I being numb for so long”. For me, time has nothing to do with it because a person can make you feel good even in the short period of time.My personal experience has taught me some good valuable lessons first that being in a relationship doesn’t mean you love that person and second the tag doesn’t define your love. In my whole life I have struggled to find love but it’s not something you can find like a treasure sometime it just come to us in several different ways without notification.

So what??he doesn’t love me. It’s not a contract which should always go two side, sometimes it’s you who love the person, care for his smile and always wanted to see that person happy. It’s not always about being together, it’s about how you feel when you are around that person. I am happy he is pursuing his dreams and I can’t force him to like me in the cost of his ambition.

And from today onwards I promise to myself I will not shed a single tear over the fact that he doesn’t love me. I consider myself lucky that I felt this love after a very long time since my first heart break. Blaming other or even yourself will not help. So, just accept the fact that you are in love and move on happily respecting his decision. Who knows one day he will feel the same for you but till than be happy for him and for yourself and focuss on your growth.

That’s why I say “Love Is Beautiful”, it’s not painful, it’s us humans who complicates it.



It was a letter of sorrow…….

It was a letter of glint…

Smile, confusion !!!!!

And full of emotions….

A girl with a glittery eyes with a confusing and a beautiful smile on her lips raises her hands to open an envelope.The curiosity is to read that as soon as possible.The envelope is decorated with some little red hearts.She opened the letter and starts reading it in a high pitch…..


Maybe this is my last letter to you as I am going very far from this world , where we can’t send our greetings. My love it’s not about how much time we had spend together it’s only about moments 💏.

‘suddenly the pitch of her voice gets weaker’

From the first day I met you I thought it can’t be love ……! But my heart protested and our innocent love story became the strings of our heart, and till now you are the only person I can trust blindly. I still remember those stupid gifts I have given you with some cute reasons and our dates are like awesome trips which taught both of us so many things. We are just two opposite personalities whose thinking not even match with each other but as everyone says that ‘opposite attract’ and this become true for us.

God has given me everything and the most importantly is #you😘 . I want to keep my head on your lap and stare you with my loving eyes for the last time as I want to take my last breath with you ……….’ her nose become red and a drop of water fell on the paper but she continued’ …

I love you ….I really loved you a lot and I know it’s very difficult for you to accept that I am leaving this world but what to say it’s my destiny who brought me here as a cancer patient. So please don’t cry I really want you to come and give me strength to go away from this world ….!!

Yours 💓💓💓